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  • Hallways filled with French oak casks of more than 5000 liters

Thanks to the important work initiated over 115 years ago, Bodegas López presents their special collection of Montchenot, Chateau Vieux and Rincón Famoso in limited batches. A wise combination of tradition and a permanent update of technology give these wines a classic and modern condition at the same time.

Four generations of the López Family of fathers and sons, elaborating high quality wines with their own grapes, have gone by. The grapes are cultivated in privileged zones of the high valley of Mendoza’s River, in Maipú.

We can offer you our special collection of these classic wines to enjoy on special occasions. We have taken good care of these wines throughout the years to keep the particular characteristics of each one of them, offering the same quality of always: “THE LÓPEZ STYLE”.

“We don’t ask for your time and patience devoted to aging: we provide them”

It is essential to decant these wines 2 hours before drinking them. The older the wines, the more time they need to be decanted.

The strong intense contact of the wine with the air provokes the slow and progressive liberation of the aromas after so many years. After pouring the wine in the decanter, you will be able to appreciate the depth of its color.

The ideal temperature to drink these wines is 18 to 20 degrees centigrade. To maintain their attributes intact during their storage, the bottles have to be kept horizontally so that the cork will always be in contact with the wine, and the wine has to be kept away from the heat and the light.

Nowadays we can offer you our MONTCHENOT from the first harvest in 1960 to the harvest in 1999, with the same label from the start. Every year, we can delight ourselves with its intense ruby color, with complex aromas, and in ones mouth, an excellent structure with soft mature tannins, presenting a long end.

This classic wine is a result of ageing it for 10 years in French oak casks of 5000 liters, where the wine evolves favorably acquiring a notable complexity of flavors and aromas. After these 10 years, the wine is aged for 10 more years in its bottle for our MONTCHENOT 20 years, and 5 more years for our MONTCHENOT 15 years.

Aditional Information...

  • Some harvests of Montchenot´s collection

A wine with its traditional yellow label, initiates its collection with the 1938 harvest to the present 2001 Chateau Vieux, offering different harvests from the first bottles of ’38.

If we could taste each of these harvests from 1938 to 2001, we would enjoy in each of them an intense ruby color, with complex aromas, and in ones mouth, an excellent structure with soft mature tannins, presenting a long end.

The logotype’s delicate design, which identifies the brand from the start, was produced by José Federico López in 1930. He was the only son of the founder of the winery, José López Rivas.

Aditional Information...

  • Some harvests of Chateau Vieux´s collection

A classic among classics, with its inclined label, presents its collection.

Exclusive harvests from 1966 to 2004 will let us enjoy its brownish-red color, its delicate and persistent aroma, and in ones mouth, an equilibrated structure with soft mature tannins, presenting a long end.

Aditional Information...

  • Some harvests of Rincón Famoso´s collection
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Founded in 1898 - Mendoza - Argentina